Beatriz and her Birthday Cake

Beatriz’s first birthday cake was a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and cheerios forming the number 1.

Beatriz turned 1 year old today, September 10, 2005. Here she is with the carrot cake her mom made for her. She couldn’t get enough of it. We had an eventful day and began the day getting her a new pair of Robees and she had her picture taken at the local Sears Portrait Studio.


  1. endu says:

    Heh, Robeez and Sears Portrait Studio.

    An A+ for the former and an F- for the latter. Had we not received a gift certificate for the Sears portraits we probably would have just stuck with the digital camera, having experienced the debacle that IS Sears Photography, we will certainly never return.

    Robeez are cool as hell though.

  2. John Skidgel says:

    I agree, I wasn’t too impressed with the results. Beatriz is always cute and had good expression in the photos, but the props/backgrounds were cheesy. The photographer, who was helpful had the right idea, kept trying to sell me on their digital “enhancements.” Ehancements they are not.

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