Broken Flowers

On Wednesday nights, it’s my chance to see a movie, go to a book store or get dinner with a friend while Allison puts Bea to sleep. (Thursday being Allison’s). This week I went to see Jim Jarmusch’s Broken Flowers, starring Bill Murray. Allison saw it last Thursday and while she enjoyed it, she said it was the “anti-action” movie. Reviewers had compared it to About Schmidt. I didn’t know what to expect, but I enjoyed the film’s slow, contemplative pacing. It made me relish the film’s awkward moments and absurdity even more. The clues, tossed around throughout the film, were gems and the most creative use of props I’ve seen in a while. I left the theater thinking the crazy journey imparted wisdom on Don (and me) while giving both of us a much-needed kick in the ass.

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  1. john heida says:

    I completely agree with your assesment of the film. However, I found the ending to be somewhat unresolved. I think the ending was a little too easy and I knew what was going to happen when the opening credits started. It used to be that allowing the audience to make a stance at the end of a film was refreshing. Now it seems like so many directors are doing this becasue it is easier. There is more risk in taking chances than siting on the sidelines and having your audience end the movie for you.

    Hi John. Love the site.

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