The Official 2005 Skidgel Family Christmas Photo

John, Allison, and Beatriz

After a long photo shoot and a few hours in Photoshop, we’re proud to announce our official Christmas photo, which may be arriving in a mailbox near you real soon. Beatriz is sporting her first Christmas stocking, which was made by Nana Hunt.

The family is looking forward to seeing Grandpa Skidgel and uncles Tony and Herbie on December 22nd.

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  1. John – someone just mentioned friends that we had in High School and never heard from again. Well I googled you and found your blog –

    Name is confusing as I’ve been married for 6 years – my maiden name was Christy Ellis – think Eastern Maine Medical Center Junior Volunteer Office…OK you can stop cursing yourself for ever writing a blog so that old friends could ever find you!!! I’ve been amazed by your…family…website…BOOKS…and professional career!

    Your family looks incredibly happy! My daughter just turned 2 last month, I’ve sent you her (very humble looking compared to this) website! We live in Maine on the coast, I don’t remember if you ever came to Brooksville (our “camp”) but that’s where we’re living.

    I’m so sorry to hear that your Mom passed – she was always so nice. Looks like you might be in Bangor now, visiting with your Dad and brothers! Hope all is well with them.

    OK, I’ve intruded into your life enough – Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

    Christy (Ellis) McLaughlin

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