House Update 9.25.06

Front of House

Front of House

I’m still painting the picket fence: one more coat of paint for the long stretch of fence that runs along Shafter Avenue. We planted more this weekend and ordered olive and meyer lemon trees which we will plant next Saturday.

Oakland is planting two trees (non-bearing plum trees) in front of our house. One will be planted on the 42nd Street side and the other will be planted on the Shafter Ave side. Allison has been hounding them relentlessly for three months about this. I guess the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

JP thinks our house color is brown–WTF! I’m never going to consult him when it comes time to color-correct a film. :-p

The developer who bought the house to the right of ours decided he liked our fence so much, he’s building one just like it next door. Allison said if someone had moved in and bought the house, they would feel too embarassed to copy cat the neighbors. This design-challenged chap, however, is flipping the house so he won’t be living there. While it’s said that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” if he copies our house color, we’re going to smack him.

More photos on the flickr account for those who are interested.