Our new place

Front view of our new house


OK, so I was lame in not posting photos of the new place. So I snapped a couple for this bungalow restoration class I’m taking at Piedmont Adult School this weekend.

We moved in three weeks ago and so far we’ve had:

  • the foundation replaced
  • the sewer line replaced
  • a new electrical box put in, switches and outlets updated
  • an alarm system installed
  • recessed lighting put in the living room
  • painted the living and dining rooms
  • installed a new kitchen floor
  • removed the hot water heater and replaced it with a tankless water heater

In a few more weeks we will nuke the front yard and replace the chain linked fence with a white picket fence, remove the juniper and plant some prettier things, and replace the all the windows and paint the exterior.

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  1. Jen Hunt says:

    Hey John and Al-
    Looks like you’re not afraid to tackle hard work! What haven’t you installed? It’s 2am here and my patients are doing well- so I’m enjoying a surf across cyberspace….Hoping to be in Florida in a couple of weeks and in Roswell in August, from the 23-29th. Have a wonderful day! Jennifer Hunt

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