Living Room Additions

Living Room

It’s been a very busy 3 months for me and the family. I’ve been a lame blogger, but I’ve always been a lame blogger I guess. I took a new job, finished a book, and Allison and I have had a million small house projects in addition to raising our two wonderful girls Beatriz and Ava.

I finished building these bookshelves with carpenter Andy Hahn. We now have room for our art, design, and travel books. Allison also bought these nifty ottomans which make reading books on the barcelona chairs a bit more enjoyable.

Our big project for the summer is a bathroom remodel. We’re tearing the place down to the studs and putting in 1″ inch hexagonal tile in the floors, and subway tile for the walls. It’s going to be very 1920s and I think it will look appropriate for the house-a small California bungalow. Anyway, we’re excited at the prospect of not having a leaky faucet.

I’ve posted more photos of Bea and Ava on Flickr. I’ll probably post some more of the yard which is turning out quite nicely to Allison’s green thumb!