Nana and Papa Hunt Visit

At the Ferry Building

At the Ferry Building. Click photo to see more photos on Flickr.

Nana and Papa hunt came to visit to after Ava’s birth. Their week-long mission included: doting on Bea, helping Allison with Ava, weeding the yard, planing doors, and building a set of shelves for the kitchen.

On Sunday, Bea and I drove to the airport to welcome them to the Bay Area. We had a nice walk around the neighborhood and looked at some open homes and chatted with neighbors.

In the early part of the week, we mostly stayed at home. On Tuesday Allison and Betty toured a pre-school in Piedmont that accepted Beatriz. Wednesday night I made a risotto from Jamie Oliver’s new Italian cookbook.

Thursday and Friday was spent going to the lumber yard and hardware store to buy tools and materials to build a set of small shelves to fit into a small nook in the kitchen.
(the space used to hold a water heater, but we replaced that with a tankless water heater outside).
Larry shared some of his secret building techniques and I hope to employ my new skills in building a set of built-in cabinets next to our fireplace.
Building the cabinets in the unusually cold-weather was a real challenge, but fun nonetheless.

Corner Clamps

Corner clamps are a nice alternative to mortise and tenon joinery

We had a nice meal Friday night at Doña Tomas. On Saturday we made the trek to the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market where I picked up dry-farmed new potatoes, romanesco, and Niman Ranch skirt steak (which became dinner Saturday night).
We spent Saturday afternoon at the DeYoung and returned home to cook dinner and watch River and Tides.

Sunday Bea and I took Nana and Papa to SFO to catch their flight. Returning home, we all felt a bit sad to have them go.

Nana, Papa, & Bea at SFO

At the airport. Look at Bea’s new Hasselblad.


  1. Amparo says:

    Hi John and Allison – Thanks for the lovely note on my blog – I just read it and the image of Bea talking about writing us an e-mail put a big smile on my face :-) She is so darling, and it appears you have been blessed a second time with lovely Ava! I really miss Bea and I always ask Daniel about her. Please give her a big hug for me!


  2. Mom and Dad Hunt says:

    What a nice description of our visit with you in California! We enjoyed every minute and hope to stay in touch via pictures and visits enhanced with the camera device. Now we have DSL, so Larry can investigate that little camera. We miss you so much.

    Mom Hunt/Betty/Nana

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