John is a staff designer at Google where he is now working on an unreleased product. Over his four year career at Google, he has worked on search, developer tools and YouTube, where he led visual design, video consumption and mobile and devices UX. In addition to his main projects, his 20% projects have included designing and developing a closed caption editor for YouTube and teaching UX design and prototyping to Googlers in Google’s US and international offices. He has interviewed over one hundred design, engineering and product management candidates and co-developed interview practices for designers and web developers.

Prior to Google, John was a design lead at Macromedia and Adobe, and he was the original designer of and Netscape Netcenter. He holds two interface patents and has several applications for other patents pending. He graduated from Bowdoin College in 1994 with degrees in Studio Art and English and studied Graphic Design at the Rhode Island School of Design. A summer job as a teaching assistant at Kodak’s Center for Creative Imaging in 1992 sparked his interest in design and new media.

For a resume, refer to John’s LinkedIn profile.

Approach to Design

John’s approach to design is rare in that he

  • excels at understanding and delighting users.
  • develops expert-level knowledge of a product area.
  • creates connections across the company and motivates teams to collaborate.
  • embeds into teams quickly.
  • rolls up his sleeves and is a designer’s designer.
  • is a mentor and trusted sounding board for peers and direct reports.

Through twenty years of experience John has developed specialist-level skills in: interaction and information design, field research and visual design. In addition, John has developed prototypes and production code in: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript, Python and Objective-C.

Outside of Work

John resides in Oakland, CA, with his wife, Allison, and two daughters, Beatriz and Ava, and enjoys cooking, home improvement and travel. He takes pride in being  told by complete strangers that his daughters are the most well-behaved and pleasant children they’ve seen in a restaurant.