By John

Living Room Additions

It’s been a very busy 3 months for me and the family. I’ve been a lame blogger, but I’ve always been a lame blogger I guess. I took a new job, finished a book, and Allison and I have had a million small house projects in addition to raising our...

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My first approved patent

Woo-hoo! It only took 7 years for one of my patent applications, Previewing and manipulating a framed image print,  to be approved.


An apparatus and method of generating a visual representation of an image based product. Where the image based product is a picture image, the method produces a framed prototype image showing the picture image framed within a frame. The method includes providing a frame image showing the frame in a perspective view. The frame image has a picture portion corresponding to the portion of the frame used to view a picture mounted in the frame. The method includes mapping the picture image to the picture portion of the frame image in order to generate the frame prototype image. The method also includes presenting an enhanced edit set along with the frame prototype image. The enhanced edit set includes user manipulatable tools for editing either the picture or the frame in the perspective view.

Many thanks to Paul Haeberli for collaborating.

Bea and Marc Jacob’s Chicken

This is the chicken that saved my Saturday afternoon. We had left Hayes Valley and were on way over to Fillmore Street. Beatriz had tuckered herself out at the park and was high from eating a chocolate cookie (a sugar sandwich essentially) from Miette. Tired kid on a sugar rush is like those zombies in Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror--unfit for human consumption.

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Brompton on the BART

Brompton on the BART

Brompton on the BART, originally uploaded by skidgel.

If had a dollar for everytime someone asked me about my Brompton, I could buy a few more of them. Typical questions:

  • How much does it weigh? (~25 lbs)
  • How much does it cost? (700–1800 depending on options)
  • How fast does it go? (how fast can you pedal?)
  • Can you take it on BART at all times? (yes, all times)
  • How many gears does it have? (6)
  • How long does it take you to fold it? (30 seconds)
  • Where can I buy one? (google brompton or go to: Brompton’s buying page)