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Up to date information on the life of Allison, John, Beatriz, and Ava Skidgel as told by John Skidgel.

Bathroom bench and Sarah’s rescue

I worked from home today while the installers from TrueStone installed the solid surface and they did an amazing job—perfect miters and a tight fit all around. The material is Silestone Lagoon.


Now before we had this installed, our contractor built a frame based on the sketch I gave them and our two cats would go into the frame and hide inside the tub. My worse fear was that Bella, our older cat, would get stuck in there and get sealed inside. Well, despite my best efforts, Sarah, our younger cat, snuck inside while the installers went outside to their van.

We thought maybe she went outside but around 8:30 we could hear her faint meows. At first we thought she may have gone outside and went into the crawl space, but my worst fears were true. Beatriz and Ava became hysterical and Allison thought we had to take out the slab (no way–it’s like hundreds of pounds and the installers just spent 6 hours here!). So I got a drywall hand saw and cut a 4″ inch square in the hallway and a few seconds later Sarah popped out. Naughty kitty!




Back to school


With the end of summer comes the start of another school year. Beatriz and Ava asked to have their photo taken on the stoop and here’s the shot. Ava’s pose cracks me up–I expect the agency sourcing for JCrew to be calling any minute now. Beatriz’s color and pattern choices are beyond Punky Brewster crazy.

Welcome back to school everyone.





Living Room Additions

It’s been a very busy 3 months for me and the family. I’ve been a lame blogger, but I’ve always been a lame blogger I guess. I took a new job, finished a book, and Allison and I have had a million small house projects in addition to raising our...

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Bea and Marc Jacob’s Chicken

This is the chicken that saved my Saturday afternoon. We had left Hayes Valley and were on way over to Fillmore Street. Beatriz had tuckered herself out at the park and was high from eating a chocolate cookie (a sugar sandwich essentially) from Miette. Tired kid on a sugar rush is like those zombies in Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror--unfit for human consumption.

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